New Accounts, Please Note

Verification of your membership is done by a human being. Therefore, please allow a volunteer (no one is getting paid to do this) at least 24 hours to note your membership and verify your application. Thanks.


The May meeting will be on Saturday May 21 at 10:00 at Dan Merlo's shop,
Bring a chair.
Bring your show and yell items.
Bring a lunch.
Bring your tools.
Bring your eye protection.
Feel free to stay and play or just watch.
There will be a wood swap. (members bring wood to be raffled off as a fund raiser for the club) feel free to bring a chunk to share.
Dan will be doing a demo on a podlet, a pod for a base and a super thin flower and stem.
After the meeting we will be having a workshop on weedpots, please let me know if you want to attend so we can have enough lathes available.