Bandsaw Safety

The band saw is widely regarded as among the safest of all woodworking machinery. However, it is still a dangerous woodworking tool, one that can cause considerable injury if used improperly.


1. First and foremost, when working with any woodworking tools, always wear safety glasses. Band saw blades rotate at considerable speed, and small pieces of stock can be propelled in nearly any direction. Even worse, if a blade breaks, the possibility exists that a piece could come loose. Your eyesight is too valuable to take chances woodworking without protective eye wear. Develop the habit of wearing your safety glasses at all times.

2. When using a band saw for woodworking, it is doubtful that the noise level would require hearing protection, but if you feel more comfortable wearing ear plugs or ear muffs when using your band saw, by all means do so.

3. You should also wear appropriate clothing for working with your band saw. Avoid loose fitting clothing, particularly long sleeved shirts, that could get caught in your work or in the band saw blade.

4. Keep all guards in place.

5. Adjust the blade guards to within 1/8” to ¼” of the stock.

6. Blade guards that are over ¼ inch above the work will lead to accidents and reduces the accuracy of your cut.

7. Maintain the stock flat on the table.

8. Never hold the stock ‘above’ the table, the material must remain flat on the table surface at all times.

9. Don’t cut round stock on the band saw.

10. The round stock may roll into the blade causing an accident.

11. Only the instructor should perform this task while using a miter gauge.

12. Concentrate your attention on the job at hand.

13. Do not interrupt others while using power equipment.

14. Stay focused until the blade has stopped moving.

15. Never leave the machine operating while unattended.

16. Keep the work area clean.

17. Scrap wood or tools on the floor or the band saw table will lead to accidents and injuries.

18. If the blade comes out of the guides or breaks, stop the machine immediately by turning off the power.

19. Do not open the access door to the machine until the wheels have come to a complete stop.

20. Have the instructor reposition or install a new blade.

21. Do not reach across the saw line.

22. Never back material out of a cut until power has been turned off and the motion of the blade has stopped.

23. Always use a push stick when sawing small stock.

24. Do not hold the stock in line with the saw blade.

25. Hold the stock to the sides of the cutting line

26. neep your hands and fingers several inches from the side of the blade.

27. Remember to keep your hands clear of the table insert.

28. Use ‘relief cuts’ on tight curves to avoid breaking the blade.

29. Follow the safety rules.

30. Use the band saw and other laboratory tools only for their intended purpose.

31. Follow the directions and safety guidelines as listed by the machine’s manufacturer.




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